Can This Mattress Be Saved?

If you are like a lot of people, you are not dying to shell out cash for a brand-new mattress every time one of your children spills juice on the bed. If you have a mattress you really love, that keeps your spine feeling healthy and allows you to sleep well, a little mess should not be its demise.

Mattresses are investments in our health and well-being. Think of mattresses like cars. They are not inexpensive, and we shop around to find the one that is just right for us. No one plans on replacing their mattress before about 8 years and having to do so can be hard on the wallet.

Do not DIY

DIY mattress cleaning tactics are not always effective. A mattress that smells like pine cleaner is no cozier than one soaked in apple juice. In addition, do you have the time or energy to drag your mattress out into the sunlight to get dried by the UV rays?

Doing the cleaning yourself is tedious and not very effective. You also run the risk of creating worse stains or breeding bacteria if you don’t know what you are doing. The cleaning process required to get a mattress sanitized is really a job for a professional with the proper equipment.

Do you still like your mattress?

Before you do anything, evaluate how old the mattress is and whether you still sleep well on it. If it is relatively new, then getting a new one is not necessary.

Can you think of anything else that that money could buy?

Clean Sleep Can Save Your Mattress

If you would rather save than spend, Clean Sleep can help with a simple, quick and safe process developed by leaders in the industry. It is scientifically proven to kill bacteria and sanitize your bedding.

But there is a wine stain on your mattress, you say? No biggie. Fresh stains can often be eliminated completely. Does your bed have a bit of a sour smell? We can help with that too. Our ozone process eliminates odors.

If you call on the right experts, you will find that a great many mattresses can be salvaged. We are proud that the process that is used by Clean Sleep of the Carolinas allows you to save money and sleep soundly.