Can This Mattress Be Saved?

If you are like a lot of people, you are not dying to shell out cash for a brand-new mattress every time one of your children spills juice on the bed. If you have a mattress you really love, that keeps your spine feeling healthy and allows you to sleep well, a little mess should…

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DIY Mattress Cleaning vs. The Clean Sleep Method

Are you considering cleaning your mattress on your own? It may sound like a budget-friendly and convenient solution, but it is a lengthy process that requires multiple cleansers and tools to undertake. Plus, how can you be sure it is truly sanitized and hygienic afterward? Here are the typical steps involved in cleaning your own…

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The Trouble with Surface Cleaning Your Mattress

With significant effort and elbow grease, you can scrub the surface of a mattress, but effectively cleaning and disinfecting the inside of a mattress is far more difficult. If you wake up with itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, or other allergy symptoms, you could be suffering from dust mite allergies, and dust mites are not…

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How the Clean Sleep Process Rids Mattresses of Lingering Odors

Clean Sleep rids mattress odors

On a daily basis, mattresses are exposed to a wide array of bodily fluids and environmental pollutants including: sweat saliva skin cells hair and skin oils dust and allergens mites indoor pollution pet dander pet accidents human accidents food or drink spills   Mattresses are made of absorbent materials which can lock in offensive odors.…

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Spotless Rooms Help Hotels Stand Out

Hotel bedding ratings

A recent study by Trivago and P & G showed that 78% of guests expect “above average” cleanliness ratings when they do their online research about hotels.[1] Other research studies support this claim. and experts from the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State University conducted a study of about 550 travelers and hotel…

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Dust Mite Allergies and Clean Homes – The Research

Dust Mites

Research suggests that 1% to 2% of the global population may be affected by dust mite allergies. Those individuals can suffer debilitating and dangerous symptoms. In the article, “Respiratory allergy caused by house dust mites: What do we really know?” published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2015, an array of studies…

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