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Clean Sleep Technology is a modern scientific process, and the best way to clean and sanitize mattresses. We come to you with our self-contained mobile Clean Sleep Machine. Our courteous technicians take your mattress, place it in the Clean Sleep machine and program the unique five-step cleaning process.

The process only takes fifteen minutes and is chemical-free. In a protected environment where temperatures reach 150° Fahrenheit, your mattress is exposed to ultraviolet light, dry steam, a high-intensity vacuum, infrared heat, and Ozone odor neutralizer.

Our process eliminates contaminants, allergens, odors, stains, and pests like bedbugs.

Clean Sleep mobile cleaning machine

Clean Sleep Process Proven to Eliminate C. diff

In 2017, Clean Sleep commissioned testing by MicrochemCDC C. diff findings Laboratories in Round Rock Texas to determine the effect of Clean Sleep’s technology on Clostridium difficile, or C. diff.

C. diff is a concern for medical facilities and assisted living communities. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), nearly half a million Americans suffer from Clostridium difficile infections annually, and approximately 20% of those infections developed among residents of nursing homes.1

Microchem Laboratories performed testing for Clean Sleep to determine if our technology would effectively eliminate C. diff.

The results showed that 99.99% of C. diff germs were eliminated after a single cleaning.

“Our researchers spent over five years developing the most direct, convenient way to disinfect hard-to-clean surfaces, specifically bedding and mattresses,” said Clean Sleep’s founder, Michael Ingle. “Now that we have the technology available and the science to back it up, we hope to make preventable illnesses caused by germs like C. diff a thing of the past.”

The news is especially significant for Clean Sleep customers that care for sick or elderly populations. The prevention and elimination of C. diff in medical facilities and assisted living communities could save thousands of lives and millions of dollars in health care, ultimately improving the overall quality of life for patients and residents.

The difficulty in eliminating the risk of infection is due to C. diff’s high resistance to surface cleaning chemicals. Without proper treatment, the germs have the ability to live 70-90 days outside of the body. One of the only methods of destroying C. diff and other dangerous bacteria requires the use of short-wavelength UV light proven to kill microorganisms. Because Clean Sleep’s process uses this UV light technology instead of chemicals, it is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to remove microbial health hazards in bedding and mattresses.

Clean Sleep’s automated process also eliminates problems caused by human error or inconsistencies in cleaning. In the enclosed environment of a Clean Sleep Machine, every inch of a mattress will be correctly treated, guaranteeing effectiveness and elimination of C. diff, and a wide range of other bacteria.


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