Our 5 Step Process

Why Clean Sleep Technology is a Better Process

In 15 minutes, we can clean and sanitize a mattress of any size up to a California King. To prepare, remove all bed linens. Our courteous technicians transport the mattress to the Clean Sleep Machine.

The 5 Step Process

Step 1
Germicidal Irradiation with Ultraviolet Light

step 2
Vacuum to Extract Debris

step 3
Low-Moisture Injected Cleansing with Dry Steam

step 4
Sanitize and Remove Moisture with Infrared Heat

step 5
Neutralize Odors with Ozone

Our revolutionary 5-step cleaning process starts with germicidal irradiation. This sterilization method uses ultraviolet (UV) light at sufficiently short wavelength to break down microorganisms, and is used for many purposes including water purification, food processing, and pharmaceutical production.

A high-intensity vacuum extracts debris, such as dead skin cells, which provide a food source for dust mites. Next, we treat with dry steam. The combination of high heat with low moisture kills mold and any remaining microorganisms, and removes dirt and stains without the need for chemicals. Infrared heat removes moisture and adds another layer of sanitization. The last step is odor neutralization with Ozone.

Once the process is completed, our technicians return your mattress to its location. It is clean, fresh and dry, and ready for immediate use.

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