Commercial Mattress Cleaning

Cost Effective Solutions for Commercial Facilities

Clean Sleep of the Carolinas provides commercial solutions for:

  • Health Care facilities including hospitals, long term and assisted living facilities
  • Hospitality including hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals
  • Campus Housing
  • Residential Housing complexes
  • Transport companies with sleeping compartments in trucks
  • Camps and Cabins
team cleaning matttress

Our 5 Step Process is a modern scientific process, and the best way to clean and sanitize mattresses. It eliminates stains, odors, allergens, pests, biological matter and contaminants.

The 5 Step Process

Step 1
Germicidal Irradiation with Ultraviolet Light

step 2
Vacuum to Extract Debris

step 3
Low-Moisture Injected Cleansing with Dry Steam

step 4
Sanitize and Remove Moisture with Infrared Heat

step 5
Neutralize Odors with Ozone

There are no toxic chemicals and it is eco-friendly. Clean Sleep Technology is fast, effective, and better than steam cleaning.

In 15 minutes, a single mattress of any size is dry, odor free, and ready for immediate use. In an 8-hour day, a Clean Sleep Machine can clean up to 30 mattresses.

Bob R.

Clean Sleep of the Carolina’s handled a commercial mattress cleaning project for my company. The five-step process worked as promised, and did an excellent job of cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing mattresses. The staff was courteous and efficient, and we plan on using them again.

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