Hotel bedding ratings

Spotless Rooms Help Hotels Stand Out

A recent study by Trivago and P & G showed that 78% of guests expect “above average” cleanliness ratings when they do their online research about hotels.[1] Other research studies support this claim. and experts from the School of Hospitality Management at Penn State University conducted a study of about 550 travelers and hotel cleanliness and comfort were rated as the most important factors in hotel selection.  This can be challenging to maintain as guests come and go constantly.

Whether guests are checking into an economy motel or a luxury resort, they expect their room to be hygienic, odor-free and inviting.  There are two main points to consider when it comes to room cleanliness:

  1. Visitors will spend the majority of the time that they stay with you on/in a bed. Making sure their bed is clean and comfortable is essential to a good experience.
  2. Cleaning staff will often only clean what they can see – visible dust and surface stains.

A vital, but often overlooked piece of the puzzle is the mattress and pillows. As hotel professionals know, mattresses and pillows can take a beating over time. Young children have accidents, sick guests vomit, and a variety of drinks get spilled. Over time, stains and odors accumulate.

Along with these obvious problems, there are also the issues of skin scales, dust particles and tiny textile fibers that dust mites feast on. Mattresses are the perfect breeding ground for these allergy-causing little guys. Changing the sheets and fluffing the pillows has little effect on the fast-breeding invaders.

Regularly scheduled deep mattress cleaning removes unsightly stains and eliminates unappealing odors. This maintenance best practice helps guests get a good night’s sleep, which helps generate positive reviews and attract future guests to your facility.

For hotel operators, the Clean Sleep mattress cleaning process is superior to steam cleaning alone. Mattresses come out of the Clean Sleep Machine odor free, dry and ready to go back in service immediately after cleaning. Our proprietary UV technology also kills dust mites, germs, and bacteria. For instance, in testing conducted by Microchem Laboratory (, it was proven that 99.99% of C.diff germs present were eliminated after a single treatment in the Clean Sleep Machine.

People today almost always read reviews in advance of choosing a hotel. You want your guests to get right on their phones when they leave (or even during their stay) to tell everyone what a fantastic hotel you are running. Including deep mattress cleaning in your site’s overall maintenance and cleaning plan helps to ensure a satisfactory customer experience.