The Trouble with Surface Cleaning Your Mattress

With significant effort and elbow grease, you can scrub the surface of a mattress, but effectively cleaning and disinfecting the inside of a mattress is far more difficult. If you wake up with itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, or other allergy symptoms, you could be suffering from dust mite allergies, and dust mites are not eliminated by surface cleaning.

Dust mites are translucent and belong to the spider family. They can’t be seen by the naked eye due to their microscopic size, and they devour dander and dead skin. One gram of dust can contain as many as a hundred thousand dust mites. Females can lay up to a hundred eggs per month, and these tenacious critters thrive in dark, humid environments, like your mattress!

If dust mites are affecting your sleep, do-it-yourself surface cleaning won’t eliminate the problem. The patented Clean Sleep five-step process gets below the surface of your mattress to kill dust mites, inside and out, in just 15 minutes. Our process is superior to steam cleaning, too. Click to learn why